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Overhead Crane Operator and Rigging - Train the Trainer - (Refresher Accelerated) - 1.5 Days

Course number: 808TRA
Length: 1.5 Days
Price: $
Category: Operation

This course is a 1.5 day refresher course for previously certified operator trainers from Konecranes. This course will use either the Cab and Floor Crane Operator Course #808 or the Floor Crane Operator Course #808A as desired.

These courses cover all the OSHA/ASME requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements. They begin with the fundamentals such as identification of major crane components and focuses on the safe and proper operation of the crane.

*PRE-REQUISITE: 808T, 808TR or 808TRA completed within the last 3 years.

Course objectives

  • Identify all major crane components
  • Explain the function of major components
  • Explain and use recommended hand signals
  • Explain and apply all recommended safety procedures
  • Perform all recommended operating procedures
  • Adult Learning & Professional Teaching Practices

Course outline

  • Major crane components
  • Safety devices
  • PreShift Crane Inspections
  • Recommended operating procedures
  • Communications
  • Safe operating practices
  • Review of Adult Learning and Teaching Practices.
  • Conduct a Professional 20-minute training presentation

You will receive the following (Student Kit):

  • (12) Workbooks
  • (12) OSHA Guides
  • (12) Rigging Handbooks
  • (12) Pocket Safety Tips
  • (12) Safety Recommendations
  • Certificate of Training

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